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Recruitment Question & Answers

You can apply by visiting our website and click on Careers.
What formats are allowed for uploading CV?
We only accept PDF document that are smaller that 5MB in size.
- The larger the file, the longer it takes to upload.
- If you get an error when submitting an application it could be due to a number of reasons. The simplest way to resolve this, is to refresh your broweser and apply again.
Will I receive an acknowledgement that my application has been received?

Yes, you will receive a Congratulations message on the screen that you application has successfully been posted.

Where can I follow-up on my application status?

You will be notified during the application process and only candidates selected for the interviews will be contacted.

What selection criteria are applicable?

Applicants are shortlisted based on the criteria and essential requirements including specific competencies and skills specified in the ad.

How long does the selection procedure take?

From the announcement of a new vacancy until a decision to appoint a candidate is taken, a period of about 14 days is required. This estimate is conditioned by the number and qualify of the applications that have been submitted.

When may I expect to receive an invitation for an interview?

The time it takes to invite applicants to an interview depends on the number of applications that haven submitted each of which is carefully reviewed. It needs to be kept in mind that sometimes multiple vacancy announcements are released at the same time. This notwithstanding, invitations are generally sent out within two weeks after the closing date for applications.